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In this project, we propose to setup guidelines to support implementation and management of DOIs on research objects with the IPDA context.

Project Members

Agency / InstitutionMembers
Obs. Paris
DLRAndrea Naß

How to Contribute

Contact Baptiste Cecconi or Jordan Padams, or the corresponding activity leader if you are interested in contributing to any of the DOI activities (see table below).

Current Activities


Focus of Activity

Activity Leader(s)

Data Citation and DiscoverabilityThis activity is the general framework of this project, and should produce a documentation explaining the context and the needs for the other activities listed below. It covers various items: citation template, metadata requirements, technologies for efficient data citation and discoverability, other recommended identifiers, etc.Baptiste Cecconi
DOI GranularityRecommendation of the DOI granularity for IPDA. Jordan Padams
DOI WorkflowDOI request and decision workflowJordan Padams
DOI Landing PageRecommendation on DOI landing pagesBaptiste Cecconi
DOI MetadataRecommandation on DOI metadataBaptiste Cecconi
PDS4 DOI WGParticipation to the PDS DOI working group (most activities overlaps with this WG, but IPDA has an international scope). Feedback to PDS DOI WG from IPDA is expected.Baptiste Cecconi

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